Rating Review Template

Use Our Customize template ForRequesting Seller Feedback &Product Reviewjust byadding buyer’s name or specific Order ID information using smart tags.

Keyword Optimizer

Keyword Optimizer helps you to generate more specific keywords according to the product, which helps you to optimise the listing rank on searches.

Performance Monitor

Account Health Parameter checker is very important key to prevent account from suspension. Purveyor Square gives reminder for each open cases and provide plan of action as per the plan you opted for.

Automated Feedback Request

Requesting buyers for reviews& ratingsthrough automatically generated email. Helps in ReduceManual Efforts, Improve Efficiency,Save Time, etc.

ASIN Map Alert

To avoid reduction in Buy Box and Sale Value due to mappers get notified automatically at the time of mapping. Our ASIN Map Alert tool Help you to monitor and update for avoid the unauthorised mapping by sending Mapper alert on Email and SMS.


HTML Description Creator

One of the most important factors to attract toward listing for buyer is, your product description, So design it according to the requirement with Purveyor Square HTML description creator tool.